Doctors/Monsters: Make Fatties Lose Weight Before You Treat Them

(Read the rest on The Powder Room.) Doctors have always had a problem with telling fat patients that all their problems are a result of their fatty-fat-fatness. But now, rather than being a problem of shitty doctors who can't overcome their personal biases even in the face of science and research that completely… » 1/22/15 4:07pm 1/22/15 4:07pm

Funds Started for Oregon School Shooting Victim - and Perpetrator

In Thank God For Something To Give Me Hope For Humanity News, GoFundMe campaigns have been started for the families of both students killed in Tuesday's Reynolds High School shooting - one an innocent victim, the other the perpetrator. » 6/12/14 6:02pm 6/12/14 6:02pm

Active Shooter at Reynolds HS in Troutdale, OR (Updates)

Not that it's pertinent now, but my employer is heavily involved in this district, and a lot of my people know a lot of their people. More updates to come. I can only verify as I get verification, so fully accurate information will be along as it comes. » 6/10/14 11:50am 6/10/14 11:50am

Sometimes I don't write so good

Hi all, I've been thinking about the post I wrote early this morning, and I want to say that I get it. It's not great. It may not even be good. There are a few lines I like but to be honest, it's not up to my standards. To strain a metaphor, I think there may be the seed of a good idea there, and even if I'm not wrong… » 5/20/14 2:42pm 5/20/14 2:42pm

This Article On the Oregon Basketball Rape Case is Everything

Sports websites have a well-earned reputation for being dens of iniquity at best and flat out rape apologia at worst. But over at Addicted to Quack (which deserves, if not cookies, a mention for not tolerating victim-blaming), Rusty Ryan absolutely killed it with an article covering the Oregon basketball rape… » 5/09/14 6:46pm 5/09/14 6:46pm

Depression Stories Vol. 8 with an answer to a reader question

A couple weeks ago, I crowdsourced some questions for some potential mental health experts and this week, one of those questions gets answered by clinical psychologist/advice columnist Dr. Andrea Bonior, who also does about a million other things (see more in the full article). Thanks for all the questions, and I plan… » 5/07/14 1:23pm 5/07/14 1:23pm

Is Anyone Interested in a Credit Expert Q&A?

Hey everybody! Does anyone here have any interest in a Q&A on credit around these parts? I know that Lifehacker had an Ask an Expert about it but credit questions are so esoteric that I think another one would be a good thing. Plus I'm working on my credit and I selfishly want to also ask a question or two. I might… » 4/29/14 6:25pm 4/29/14 6:25pm